<![CDATA[Ms. Sockett's English Courses - TED Talk (5 X 2) Blogs C-Block]]>Tue, 24 Nov 2015 05:11:31 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[After our first "back channel"]]>Tue, 09 Apr 2013 02:03:27 GMThttp://mssockettsenglishcourses.weebly.com/ted-talk-5-x-2-blogs-c-block/after-our-first-back-channelToday was quite an experience!  Thanks for being patient while we got the technology up and running and while we waited for the videos to "buffer".  We watched Dave Meslin's talk about apathy, Sunni Brown's talk about doodles,  and Derek Sivers' discussion of leadership (the first follower).  Your "back channel"  discussions made 10 pages of transcript and I would say that while there were some very strong points made, for the most part there was a great deal of "chatter" that had little to do with the activity at hand.  That is disappointing.

I would like to see more comments now that you've had a chance to watch more of the videos and hear what other people had to say about them.  Tomorrow you will have a final chance to voice your opinion via a comment on the blog.  And you will get a chance to VOTE!

We are now up to 16 students (out of a class of 27) who have posted a comment.  This will "count" on your mid-term report card!  

<![CDATA[:) and :(]]>Fri, 05 Apr 2013 02:04:11 GMThttp://mssockettsenglishcourses.weebly.com/ted-talk-5-x-2-blogs-c-block/-and:)
To those of you who have gone online and posted comments, THANKS!  I am very impressed.  Your posts have been very insightful and I am impressed with the level of thought you've put into them. 

Only 12 of 27 people have actually posted so far.  That means over half of the class has not taken the initiative to go online and do what needs to be done in order to become part of our digital learning project!  Your classmates who have posted have provided very good exemplars for you to follow.  All you now need to do is watch the talks, and make a comment.  It's easy to do - and allows you to become part of a broader discussion.

Current Results for our Top 5 Talks (based on comments so far):
"Yes!" - Russell, Lublin and Steiner
"No!" - Burstein, Novogratz, Lenz, Svitak, and Nuland
"Maybe" - Bose, Brown, Sivers, Meslin, Krasoczka, Obama and Powell

WATCH some Talks - and give your opinion!
<![CDATA[The top 5 ted talks]]>Thu, 28 Mar 2013 00:39:14 GMThttp://mssockettsenglishcourses.weebly.com/ted-talk-5-x-2-blogs-c-block/the-top-5-ted-talksWatch the TED talks that your classmates examined and presented and then comment upon them.  Note:  there are at least two pages that contain the TED talk videos (you may need to click on a link at the bottom to go backwards/forwards). 

Ultimately, we are going to vote on the "Top 5" for our class.  As you watch the TED talks, and make your comments, think about the following things:

1.  Is the talk entertaining and informative?
2.  Does the talk have a good message?
3.  How is the talk connected to our novel (thing "big ideas")
4.  Why is the talk a "good talk" for teenagers to view?

You need to view all of the talks and post a comment on at least 5 of them by Friday, April 5th.   In order to post a comment you must supply your name (First Name Last Initial only) and an email address (that doesn't get published).
<![CDATA[teaching one child at a time ted talk]]>Mon, 18 Mar 2013 01:11:36 GMThttp://mssockettsenglishcourses.weebly.com/ted-talk-5-x-2-blogs-c-block/teaching-one-child-at-a-time-ted-talk
Paragraph by David to go here.
<![CDATA[Looks aren't everything ted talk]]>Mon, 18 Mar 2013 01:00:52 GMThttp://mssockettsenglishcourses.weebly.com/ted-talk-5-x-2-blogs-c-block/looks-arent-everything-ted-talk
1. Being pretty isn't always what people make it up to be. What's inside matters most. People always think modeling is awesome but it puts a huge stress on you body.

2. In the book Penelope is very concerned about her body image. Penelope is bulimic and she does this to take control of her body.

3. This TED talk is a bit of a self esteem booster it tells you that you don't need to worry about your body image.
- Gareth T. and Holden R.
<![CDATA[Texting that saves lives ted talk]]>Mon, 18 Mar 2013 00:58:59 GMThttp://mssockettsenglishcourses.weebly.com/ted-talk-5-x-2-blogs-c-block/texting-that-saves-lives-ted-talk
Paragraph by Rebecca and Chelsea to go here.
<![CDATA[Doodlers unite ted talk]]>Mon, 18 Mar 2013 00:56:58 GMThttp://mssockettsenglishcourses.weebly.com/ted-talk-5-x-2-blogs-c-block/doodlers-unite-ted-talk
Paragraph by Cam and Zack to go here.
<![CDATA[creativity ted talk]]>Mon, 18 Mar 2013 00:54:48 GMThttp://mssockettsenglishcourses.weebly.com/ted-talk-5-x-2-blogs-c-block/creativity-ted-talk
The TED talk I was assigned was one about Creativity by Julie Bernstein. The TED talk focused on how creativity can come from anything, even pain. Julie described a method of pottery called raku. Raku is when you put a pot in a kiln for a little while until the glaze sets then you throw it in sawdust and put a bucket over it, this relates to the topic because the pot has a distressed look which people like and the pot suffered through the fire and the sawdust and then came out even better.  I believe this is a good TED talk because it shows that you can always find a positive side to your suffering and pain and you can make something worthwhile.
- Nathan K.

<![CDATA[How to start a movement ted talk]]>Mon, 18 Mar 2013 00:52:59 GMThttp://mssockettsenglishcourses.weebly.com/ted-talk-5-x-2-blogs-c-block/how-to-start-a-movement-ted-talk
Derek Sivers’ Ted talk was about not being afraid to stand up and be a leader or follower in the world. He goes on to say how in the act of starting a movement leaders are over glorified meaning that they get all the credit. In reality,though, the follower has a really important role in the movement for they are the ones who transform the person into the leader. This connects to the book in many ways. The main connection relating the ted talk to the book is the idea that the follower defines the leader. Arnold chose to follow Mr. P’s advice to leave the reservation therefore making an impact on his life and others around him. Our Ted talk is worth watching because it is easy to relate to and Derek Sivers shows this in a fun way by featuring a dancing guy. It is an inspiration for the world to not be afraid to start a movement.
- Timea R. and Shannon M.
<![CDATA[Antidote to apathy ted talk]]>Mon, 18 Mar 2013 00:50:56 GMThttp://mssockettsenglishcourses.weebly.com/ted-talk-5-x-2-blogs-c-block/antidote-to-apathy-ted-talk
Paragraph by Ali and Fariss to go here.